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Who Is Sara Bella? Thomas Partey’s Moroccan Girlfriend

Who Is Sara Bella? Thomas Partey’s Moroccan Girlfriend, UncensoredGH.com

According to what we currently know, Sara Bella is a Moroccan model who has reportedly been seeing Arsenal footballer Thomas Partey.

Sara Bella moved to the UK in order to continue her study and probably got to know the Ghanaian football player during that time.

Apart from her Tik Tok account, Partey’s purported partner is now only known in sparse detail.

But when the claims surfaced, Partey had not yet made their relationship public.

Thomas Partey’s Sara Bella Rape Allegation

Partey turned down his lover Sara Bella’s marriage proposal, a source close to the Arsenal midfielder disclosed in a series of tweets.

After he declined to accompany her down the aisle, things had been going well for the couple, but Sara allegedly tried to blackmail him by accusing him of rape.

When news further broke that Sara Bella’s social media status had been altered from “Married” to “Single,” it added a real twist to their romance.

After spending almost £700,000 on the same person who had been charged with rape, Thomas Partey apparently was shocked.

Partey earlier changed his name to YAKUBU and his religion from Christianity to Islam as a result of his purported rape accusation from her Moroccan girlfriend.

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