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Thiago Silva Speaks Out About Chelsea FC’s Graham Potter | READ

Thiago Silva Speaks Out About Chelsea FC’s Graham Potter | READ, UncensoredGH.com

Chelsea FC star Thiago Silva has spoken out about his thoughts on the club’s new coach, Graham Potter.

Thiago Silva, arguably one of Chelsea’s most important and prominent players and figures, has shared his opinions of the club’s new head coach, Graham Potter.

The English player received nothing but praise from the Brazilian great, who described him as a unique and modest addition to the team. Due to how well he reads the game and controls the defense, Thiago, who joined the team during the Frank Lampard era, has been a crucial component of Chelsea’s defense even at the age of 38.

According to Thiago, Potter is:

He’s a special guy, a very nice and humble guy, He doesn’t need to be perfect in the dugout, he knows how to manage the players well and he gets to organize the team well with his very human and humble communication”.

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