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The UK Government Issues a Final Decision on Chelsea FC’s Sale | SEE DETAILS

The UK Government Issues a Final Decision on Chelsea FC’s Sale | SEE DETAILS, UncensoredGH.com

Following Roman Abramovich’s penalty, the UK government has issued its final decision on the sale of Chelsea Football Club.

The decision, which came after a meeting late on Tuesday, brought excellent news to all Chelsea fans. The UK government is convinced that no money from the sale will be routed to Abramovich, according to reports from the meeting.

Late last night the UK Government reached a position where we could issue a licence that permits the sale of Chelsea Football Club. Following the sanctioning of Roman Abramovich, the Government has worked hard to ensure Chelsea Football Club has been able to continue to play football. But we have always been clear that the long-term future of the club could only be secured under a new owner. Following extensive work, we are now satisfied that the full proceeds of the sale will not benefit Roman Abramovich or any other sanctioned individual. We will now begin the process of ensuring the proceeds of the sale are used for humanitarian causes in Ukraine, supporting victims of the war. The steps today will secure the future of this important cultural asset and protect fans and the wider football community. We have been in discussions with relevant international partners for necessary licences required and we thank them for all their co-operation.

The revelation came after the Premier League authorized Todd Boehly/ Clearlake Consortium’s ultimate takeover of Chelsea.

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