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The ‘Free For All’ School Founded By Michael Blackson Is Finally Opened

The ‘Free For All’ School Founded By Michael Blackson Is Finally Opened, UncensoredGH.com

In his village of Agona Nsaba in the Central Region, Ghanaian-American actor Michael Blackson has officially opened his newly constructed school.

Pictures of the facility, which aims to provide free education for all pupils, have been widely shared online, prompting comments of congratulations from internet users.

The three-story building, known as “The Michael Blackson Academy,” is furnished with numerous classrooms and other amenities.

The 49-year-old actor cut the sod for the building’s construction earlier in 2020, and two years later, he posted on social media to say that it is now complete.

“After 2 yrs it’s finally done and the kids in my village will get free education, free uniforms and free everything. The only thing they have to pay for is pay attention to their teachers. I couldn’t have done this without my fans, every time you bought a ticket to my show you helped a kid. Thanks to the village of Nsaba Agone where my blood line started, Thanks to my mom for following God’s plan and raising me with the fear of God.

“Thanks to Liberia, Nigeria and America for raising me and Thank God for my homeland of Ghana . This is just the beginning of what I’ve always wanted to do, help unfortunate kids around the world. January 3rd you all invited to the ribbon cutting of Michael Blackson Academy”.

He wrote on Twitter in December 2022.


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