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RYLTY Shares Attractive Alté Collab With Producer, Zodivc

RYLTY Shares Attractive Alté Collab With Producer, Zodivc, UncensoredGH.com

Her second single, ‘Replay’ is another instance of this: “The inspiration for my new song came from a scenario I imagined: locking eyes with a stranger in the club and feeling an instant connection. He’s stealing glances while I rock the dancefloor with my curves, and I can’t take my eyes off him either. I beckon him to get closer and things get hot, if you know what I mean? It [‘Replay’] is about the thrill of meeting someone new and feeling attraction”.

RYLTY Shares Attractive Alté Collab With Producer, Zodivc, UncensoredGH.com

Although a figment of her imagination, the feelings RYLTY expresses on ‘Replay’ are from the soul. In her vulnerability, she sings, “So baby come closer, make me get your closure now-now/Spirit taking over, make me lose composure now-now / I’m different when I’m sober, wait till it’s over now-now”. Her electrifying vocals intrigue as she switches between Alté, Afrobeats and Dancehall vibes to create something catchy that reflects her diverse musical influences. Zodivc-the producer with whom she collaborates – enhances this performance with smooth piano melodies and dynamic grooves that give it a dreamlike quality. ‘Replay’ is a beautiful contrast to the singer’s previous release and is a refreshing song that deserves your attention.

RYLTY (pronounced ROYALTY) is the stage name of Juliusina Osberta Addo, a Ghanaian-Togolese singer-songwriter new to the industry. Growing up on her parents’ musical tastes – Reggae, RnB and Pop – she developed a liking for singing. In 2017, she took a step to start making music but only recently released her official debut, ‘Non Stop’ – which received rave reviews online. Now finding her style in an often-sensual fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Pop and Afrobeats, RYLTY is ready to capture audiences with intense vocals that will cause a stir in the Afrobeats, Alté and RnB scene.

‘Replay’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here: https://vyd.co/RyltyReplay

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