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Rose May Alaba Brings Afrobeats To Europe with New Single “Lockdown”

Rose May Alaba Brings Afrobeats To Europe with New Single “Lockdown”, UncensoredGH.com

A hymn to love, but instead of a sob story, Rose May Alaba serves us beats that vibrate. 

With her new single “Lockdown”, the multi-talented artist sings about the sweet fruits of life,  skilfully combining the genres of Afrobeats and Pop with her catchy vocals. The song takes us  on a journey where no one can sit still. 

The song was produced by Babybeats and written by Rose May together with Molly – it will be  available on all digital streaming platforms on September 1st, 2023.  

The rhythm is reminiscent of traditional afro sounds wrapped around modern pop elements,  inviting us to dance. Although the name suggests otherwise, after listening to “Lockdown” you  feel freer than ever. The song celebrates love, the kind that surprises you. 

Sound diversity for global stages: Rose May Alaba brings Afrobeats to Europe with her  new single 

The artist grew up in Vienna, with this single she wants to give Afrobeats more internationality  and a new stage here and all over Europe.  

In 2015, the artist released her first single “If all of this is you”, after which she wanted to play  with different genres, tried out different musical styles successfully – and found her own style. 

Her most successful performances include the Afrobeats Festival and Lolla Palooza Festival in  Berlin and a legendary stadium performance at the Special Olympics. Collaborations with  renowned producers such as Masterkraft, YoungJonn, Chopstix and now Blaise Beatz have  cemented her reputation as an outstanding artist not only in the Nigerian music scene but also  internationally. 

Rose May Alaba’s diverse musical background is also evident in her ability to sing fluently in  English, German, Nigerian Pidgin English with a hint of Yoruba. Her distinctive sound appeals to  a global audience, and her fan base lives in various regions of the world, particularly in Africa  America and Europe. 

Listen below.

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