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REVIEW: Strongman Holds a Firm Position in Top Ghanaian Rapper With “Buokrom Boy” EP

REVIEW: Strongman Holds a Firm Position in Top Ghanaian Rapper With “Buokrom Boy” EP, UncensoredGH.com

The Ghanaian music landscape has had a fascinating year, and we believe Strongman has once again reminded us that Ghana has some genuinely excellent musicians with distinctive and varied talents.

There are only a few rappers in Ghana keeping their heads above the water and keep giving us mind-blowing records, and Strongman is one of the few.

His new EP titled “Buokrom Boy” clearly defines where he is from, what made him and what inspires him. This EP deserves to be rated one of the best bodies of work in 2022! There is a stereotype that Strongman is a Twi rapper and that is the only way he can perfectly express himself.

Guess what? He just proved a lot of doubting Thomases wrong! His English rap delivery will make you yearn for more. The use of puns, metaphors and wordplay is INTELLIGENT! (repeat that word)! INTELLIGENT! Not all rappers could deliver in both languages and still serve us heavy and worthy lyrics! Strongman Did!

Let’s take a swipe at some of the songs real quick and get to know some of the artistic input in them.

King You Wanna Be (Feat. Efya) Prod by Fimfim

This is a great way to start the EP! Awesome production, a beautiful, inspiring and heart-touching story. His English verses will have you wondering if it’s the same Hard Core Twi rapper delivering in the Queen’s language! He intelligently delivered those lines with a relaxed and comfortable tone.

Efya in this song is like a fairy with a magic wand. She touched some lines with her silky and smooth voice sinking in your ears like melting butter. This song prepares you for the EP and we think it gets you in the mood automatically with no effort.

Yente (Feat. Medikal) Prod by A Town TSB

We’ve heard these two artists on a record before and they gave us something worth bouncing to again! “Yente” is a drill song with a party theme unlike the usual violence Drill is tagged with. The song talks about having fun and maybe doing a little too much of it.

This will do well at any party and all “drillers” can connect with this easily. Both artists are good with honour and that is exactly what to expect in this song! Refreshing content and a raving beat by Atown TSB!

Dreams (Prod by TubhaniMuzik)

This is an inspirational song with heartfelt lyrics! The story of a hustler who comes from Buokrom. Strongman gave us a shallow dive into his personality, dreams and aspirations. TubhaniMuzik did a wonderful job with the beat because it has the right chord progressions to give you that sad but uplifting mood. Everything came together so perfectly!`

It takes a great artist to narrate a beautiful story people can easily relate to. I know we can have the feeling of these lyrics apply to us! Words can’t describe the mood this song puts us in. Listen and get the message too! If You’re wondering who did those soothing adlibs, his name is Candy Boy.

Sika Ne Odo (Feat. Sista Efia) Prod by A Town TSB

This is an interesting one and we believe you knew that too when you saw the name Sista Efia. And you might have guessed it’s a drill song if it’s A Town TSB on the production desk. This song has the Ghanaian drill theme because of the melodic chorus well delivered by Sista Efia.

The concept of the song makes it more interesting. As controversial as it may sound, it’s the truth! It’s all money and no love with this generation. You will agree as well if you listen to the full song. Humour at its best! This is an anthem!

Sing Your Name (Feat. Mr Drew) Prod. by Mix Masta Garzy

This song became one of the best songs of the years. An uncountable number of TikTok videos. I believe you all know the magic this song does to your ears. No need to narrate the story you already know. The music video is out there as well.

GOATED (Prod by A Town TSB)

This song is also out already. And this is one of the songs that shook the Ghanaian Hip-Hop scene in 2022. We think the title speaks for itself. You already know how this goes!

Ekwan (Prod. by JoeKoleBeat)

There’s nothing more refreshing than the fusion of traditional Ghanaian Adowa instruments with Hip-Hop elements. This happens to be the last song on the EP and we see it as a way of signing out as a proud Ghanaian rapper. This is something we can call ours and the world can identify us with.

Strongman has given all music lovers something to appreciate and adore! The production is top-notch and a signature for the Ghanaian Hip-Hop realm.


Strongman made a statement on this EP and we can confidently say that he has moved a notch higher in the Top 5 rappers in Ghana. You know what that means! His experience in the music scene is well exhibited on the EP.

Concept, arrangement, theme, delivery and the art of storytelling are well executed! This is one of the best in 2022 and it does deserve some reward from the industry. Enjoy the beauty of creation!

Stream Buokrom Boy EP here

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