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Rema Sets the Record Straight on O2 Arena Entrance: A Cultural Rebirth, Not Occultic

Rema Sets the Record Straight on O2 Arena Entrance: A Cultural Rebirth, Not Occultic, UncensoredGH.com

Nigerian sensation Rema has taken to social media to address the swirling speculations regarding his entrance at the historic O2 Arena concert-themed Ravage Uprising. The entrance, which featured the artist donning a mask and making a grand arrival on a horse, sparked rumors and allegations of occultic symbolism.

In a statement on Thursday, November 16, 2023, Rema directly responded to the speculations, offering clarity on the inspiration behind his entrance. Contrary to the occultic interpretations, Rema explained that the concept was rooted in his cultural identity as a boy from Benin City in Edo State.

The singer emphasized that the entrance was a homage to his cultural heritage, drawing inspiration from the bronzes of his ancestors currently housed in museums in the UK. According to Rema, the intention was to symbolize a rebirth, reshaping, and redefinition of Edo, making a powerful statement about cultural reawakening and the reclamation of heritage.

In his own words, Rema stated, “RAVAGE UPRISING/ My Ancestors’ bronzes sit in the museum of this very city so I remade mine. Hence, Edo is redefined, the map reshaped, your minds awakened & the mask reborn. Thank you London!”

This clarification aims to dispel any misconceptions and provide context to an entrance that was designed to celebrate and honor cultural roots rather than convey occultic symbolism. Rema’s commitment to infusing his artistry with cultural significance is evident, and this explanation underscores the cultural narrative he sought to convey at the O2 Arena.

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