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Rema Recounts His First Interaction With Drake In New Interview

Rema Recounts His First Interaction With Drake In New Interview, UncensoredGH.com

Rema has revealed what happened during his first encounter with American artist Drake, and the story is both humorous and realistic. Rema stated in a radio broadcast that he had met Drake for the first time during the pandemic and had been skeptical to the point of incredulity.

The singer said; “One morning I just woke up and I was like, this has to be a fake account, my friends were like ‘Look, it has the blue tick’ and I was like ‘Okay use your phone, check it’.

Then, by placing the two phones side by side, he explained how he had compared the appearance of Drake’s Instagram account on his friend’s phone to the same account in his DMs. Rema said that when Drake complimented him for turning in a verse and for his contribution to Afrobeats, he was very astounded by the exchange.

With a song clip titled Mention Me circulating on social media, the duo has been hinting at a joint album for some time. Drake has also performed Rema’s Dumebi live on Instagram before, giving the singer a shout-out and mentioning their joint album in the process.

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