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“Rema Is Their Dad,” Timaya Says In An Interview

“Rema Is Their Dad,” Timaya Says In An Interview, UncensoredGH.com

With a statement he made about new-age talent Rema and his art, renowned musician Timaya of Nigeria gave him a massive thumbs up.

Timaya has expressed his thoughts about Rema in an interview with Cool FM after talking about his collaboration with BNXN fka Buju on the song “Cold Outside.” The singer who had previously expressed his enthusiasm for BNXN’s talent was then questioned about other new-age artists he would love to collaborate with.

Timaya responded, saying: “I must first admit that I am a fan, just as Rema. Rema has my support. He is the youngest of all the boys. Rema is their Dad, yes “. He continued by mentioning other aspects of his artistic expression, such as his music and stage presence.

Timaya recently released new music named “Sweet Us,” but he would not say whether or not he had anything planned with Rema.

Watch the excerpts from the interview where Timaya made this proclamation below.

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