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Rema Discusses Sex, Music, Exes, and More On A Date  With Amelia Dimoldenberg

Rema Discusses Sex, Music, Exes, and More On A Date  With Amelia Dimoldenberg, UncensoredGH.com

Nigerian singer and songwriter Rema made an appearance on prominent YouTuber Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date show, and it was pretty entertaining to watch as the singer revealed some sensitive details about his sex life, music career, relationships, family, and more.

Their date began with Amelia directly asking Rema if she has a partner. Rema had fries, chicken, and a can of Pepsi for snacks. The singer had responded negatively but revealed that his taste for a lover with 500 Instagram followers has been changed to just being someone “low-key.”

Rema also revealed how, at age 17, he earned his first million dollars and used it to buy his mother a car. The musician made it clear that his mother held a special place in his heart, so much so that he had yet to meet any of his partners. When Amelia inquired about the most recent occasion of his soundgasm, Rema said; “While actually having sex because the vocals and stuff, that’s the sound…”

Watch the full interview below.

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