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Video: Watch Pastor propose to woman at her father’s funeral

Video: Watch Pastor propose to woman at her father’s funeral, UncensoredGH.com

The man was alleged to have proposed to the grieved woman during her father’s funeral.

He kneeled a few feet from the deceased’s coffin and proposed.

According to reports, the South African man was in charge of the funeral service of the woman’s deceased father.

The video was shared by one @M.Mojela who captioned the video and it reads, “Proposing [to] the deceased’s daughter right at the funeral. Wiping the tears there and there.”

In the video, the man asked for the hand of the bereaved woman who obliged, then went ahead to put a promise ring on her hand.

The man thanked God for his girlfriend’s life and said that he wished his proposal would comfort her.

Watch the video below;

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