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#NigerianIdol : Zadok And Itohan Deliver Outstanding Perfomances, David Operah Evicted

#NigerianIdol : Zadok And Itohan Deliver Outstanding Perfomances, David Operah Evicted, UncensoredGH.com

Viewers and supporters of the reality show Nigerian Idol are unable to come to terms with the elimination of David Operah.

A good voice and amazing performance, according to one angry fan who believes David should not have been taken out, can’t gain you anything on the competition except Nigerians’ sentiment. They consider him to be far better than those who were not evicted, such as Banty and Jordan.

However, Itohan, the other competitor, did not receive much flak. In fact, the majority of viewers saw her as exceptional. Many admirers screamed their pleasure when she performed Yemi Alade’s “Nagode.”

Zadok is another participant who impressed spectators on the Nigerian Idols stage. They thought he was well-prepared and put on a show that was worth seeing. He sang “Laye,” a song by Kizz Daniel.

In some ways, last night’s performance was a mixed bag of emotions and reactions. While most viewers acknowledged that the candidates gave excellent performances, many argued that the main issue with most of the performers last night was poor song selection.

Lastly, for the contestants who were not eliminated, the fact that they are still on the show is all that matters. At the very least, there’s still a chance of making it big on the reality program.

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