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Mr. Eazi Launches A New Company Called ‘Choplife Sound System’

Mr. Eazi Launches A New Company Called ‘Choplife Sound System’, UncensoredGH.com

Nigerian musician and business mogul Mr. Eazi has announced the formation of a new pan-African music group called “Choplife Sound System.” The singer made the announcement. In Lagos, Nigeria, on April 11, 2023. As its regular DJ, UK-based Afrobeats selector and tastemaker DJ Edu is joined by an informal crew of contributing DJs, musicians, and producers from throughout the continent.

Mr Eazi will serve as the principal vocalist and MC on Choplife Sound System recordings.

The new group is inspired by the classic West African pidgin slang phrase “chop life,” which means “enjoy life,” as well as the ancient sound systems that form the foundation of Jamaican music culture.

It attempts to give soundsystem culture a current African twist by mixing genres like as Amanpiano and Afrobeats to create the ultimate African party experience.

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