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Mega EJ returns with pensive new entry ‘Feel Am for Body’

Mega EJ returns with pensive new entry ‘Feel Am for Body’, UncensoredGH.com

On his pensive 3-minute single, the ‘Raw’ singer uses Darwin’s theory of evolution as a footnote to address why we need to do better, sporadically over an inviting melody dominated by some fine drum work.

‘Feel Am for Body’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here: https://linktr.ee/MegaEJ

The last time Mega EJ made a splash, he was singing about love like any other Afro-fusion artist out there, affirming his “deep connection” to Africa beneath it all just a few months after he embarked on his evergreen campaign.

Now he’s back and very pensive, favoring one of science’s biggest theories to sell his idea of accountability. It’s like the 5-month hiatus between his EP debut “Blood & Daisies” and now changed him… and for the better.

Mega EJ returns with pensive new entry ‘Feel Am for Body’, UncensoredGH.com

“Accountability to me is the most spiritual of things”, Mega EJ shared.

“I think owning up to one’s actions and aiming to do better equals exercising our God-like nature. It is our only path to evolution. So, when you don’t claim responsibility for any single thing you’ve done, there’s nothing pushing you to change – evolve”.

Whether you agree with what he thinks, the charm he radiates on ‘Feel Am for Body’ is enough to sell you his idea. He’s very sympathetic on this one, even when firing shots at the sanctimonious:

“Me and you no be saint, but you come dey pinpoint finger/ Now tables have turned and I see you wanna shift from the center” or chipping in lyrics anyone ready to skimp on accountability is likely to utter, “You got your own demons and I got mine too. Weytin I dey smoke no dey concern you/Never tell you say I be virgin, so who I fuck no dey concern you”.

But hey! Like he rightly remarks in his relaxed and mellow tone, “If you make your own mistakes, na you go feel am for body”.

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