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Mason Greenwood’s Alleged Rape Case: Police Provide An Update

Mason Greenwood’s Alleged Rape Case: Police Provide An Update, UncensoredGH.com

Here’s the latest on Mason Greenwood’s alleged rape case with an update from the Greater Manchester Police.

According to the Daily Mail, a police spokesman stated on Friday, June 24th, 2022, that the young person’s bail requirement has been extended until the case’s ongoing investigations are finished. Following the posting of a video of the player physically and sexually assaulting his fiancée on social media, the player was detained by the police in January.

As the outcome of bail reviews does not impact the progression of investigations, Greater Manchester Police will not be providing any further updates in relation to this case until the suspect is charged or released facing no further action.

As he was being interrogated by cops, Greenwood was initially detained on accusations of raping and assaulting a lady. Prior to being freed on bond, he was detained again on accusations of sexual assault and threatening to kill his alleged victim.

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