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Lyrics: Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer

Lyrics: Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer, UncensoredGH.com

We bring to you the official lyrics of ‘City Boy Summer’, a song by Tory Lanez to help you sing along whiles you listen.

Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer Lyrics

[Intro] (He’s a sweet soul brother)
Hahaha, uh
Lil’ Tory, uh
I think they know what the fuck it is, nigga, I touched down in H-Town
Put my feet down like it’s lava on the ground, baby
First thing I’ma do, I’ma call my nigga Junior up
AKA call your jeweller ’cause you never got a Cuban tucked, I swear, haha
Rap a lot, you know what it is, we goin’ to peep tens at the afterspot, that’s how I rock, baby
Big One Umbrella shit, proud to have yellow mixed, nigga, you know how I get down, yeah
We literally outside too, nigga, you know what I’m sayin’?
You lookin’ for me, I’m sayin’ like
601 motherfucker, Richmond Ave., nigga
That’s, that’s where I’m at, nigga
Ha, uh

[Verse] Had to check me a ho comin’ down
Bail out money, I got my dawg off thе ground
I might’ve sold brown but I sippin’ on Doja
Fly city nigga, I’m a motherfuckin’ soldier
I fuckеd a ho then I left on her skis
Get her on cheese, iced up, iced pat her knees
‘Cause that pussy bloody like it’s set trippin’
The way it’s wet and grippin’, walkin’ out her leg limpin’
I got like two hoes doin’ tricks and new show
And with me four, tell my nigga Nyce, “Hit two more”
I might hit the Sprite with the ice and move slow
And I might even date a bitch for a month and move on
I’m a young nigga slashin’
Nigga be talkin’ down but I be havin’ it
The bad lil’ bitches that used to diss me, throwin’ that ass backwards
My ice chunky
I grew up right beside the junkies
I’m fuckin’ that ho, the pillow in your face, her ass is like a donkey
I be out East, fuck talking ’bout peace, it’s ’bout beef
Where I’m from niggas talkin’ down, we knockin’ out teeth
That’s right, I pulled one of your grill
A nigga comin’ down in that Cullinan still
I got that screw in my cup and that Pimp C playin’
And your bitch will get fucked if your bitch keep playin’
I’m too ice for her life, what my wrists keep sayin’
Kill that pussy once or twice but I still keep slayin’
And I beat that pussy blue like I’m Tookie
I can’t even lie, man, that bitch almost took me
Pro athlete at the sex but I turned her to a rookie
I couldn’t stop, turn in Tyson, I kept juggin’
I grizzled on that bitch like Rozay, yeah
Cry by the beach while my dawg on more player
I’m in that bitch gut like she got no naval
Say I’m a snack, lil’ bitch, eat the whole table
Got this bitch strippin’ so I threw some ass on her
So when niggas see her, can’t nobody can pass on her
I bought her French tips, them heels and long kickers
Now she a deep curl, Brazilian long incher
And bring me my money
I got two red-headed hoes, two light skins, two dark skins
And two PlayBoy bunnies
I said single y’all divided but together y’all a fleet
I get cash in my seat but my house get no peace
I’ve been swangin’, swervin’
Damn near hit the damn curb when I turned in
They ain’t wanna see my Black ass in Surburban housin’
Walkin’ outside and White folks see him, he sellin’ ounces
All of my dawgs need counsellin’ and bouncers
Walk in the mall buyin’ shit, we can’t pronounce yet
I got this cash, bitch, somebody please announce it
Just got that ass did, now she can’t even bounce, yeah
Diamonds cut you, you can’t buy it, don’t touch it
Got .30’s and clutches, etcetera and then such
Extendo grips and Glock clips and chopsticks
My dawg like a janitor, just hand me the mopstick
Don’t call my phone if you on some opp shit
Don’t call my phone if you on some sob shit
Don’t call my phone, you talkin’ some hot shit
Don’t call my phone, too much, get blocked, bitch
Lemon pepper stepper, tell me how my Bentayga look
Yeah, I look good but not as good as my paper look
I got this Asian bitch, she do me good on the pedicure
Flip-flop flippers, that depend how the weather for, I’m gone
Fifty-five souls but them hoes know I’m on
I’m hopin’ that my nigga Z-Ro get to hear this song
So he can know I did this no wrong
We gettin’ them figures, and church to my motherfuckin’—

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