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Love Birds : Adekunle Surprises Simi With A Beautiful Cake On Nigerian Idol

Love Birds : Adekunle Surprises Simi With A Beautiful Cake On Nigerian Idol, UncensoredGH.com


Simi, a Nigerian musician, was taken aback when her husband Adekunle Gold surprised her on live air with a cake.

Simi is one of the reality show’s judges. It was her birthday, and she had turned up for her customary judging duties. During the show, IK Osakioduwa, the host, stated that the show had decided to give a superfan the opportunity to rejoice with her.

Simi had no idea who the superfan was, so she kept a close eye on Osakioduwa when he called him to the platform.

Simi was taken aback when she saw Adekunle Gold, her husband, arrive with a modest cake to celebrate her birthday. Her reaction was caught on camera by a number of different cameras.

Nigerian Idol went so far as to say that her reaction was a valuable contribution to the meme economy.

Adekunle Gold and Simi exchanged a heartfelt hug, and he said a few words about his wife before returning to where he came from.


But by that point, the impression had been established, and social media users couldn’t stop talking about the couple’s love.

Adekunle Gold and Simi married in a private ceremony years ago. It wasn’t until long later that the rest of the world realized they were married. Since then, they’ve been inseparable.


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