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KooKusi’s ‘Greetings From Abroad’ Out Now!

KooKusi’s ‘Greetings From Abroad’ Out Now!, UncensoredGH.com

The Clean & Pure Challenge winner and 5 Foot 3 hitmaker is back again with his sophomore project, which pays homage to an old iconic Ghanaian television show that was a fan favourite back in the day.

KooKusi has released his second project titled Greetings From Abroad. The tape follows his 7-track pattern from 5 Foot 3 with a total playtime of almost 20 minutes across all streaming platforms.

KooKusi’s ‘Greetings From Abroad’ Out Now!, UncensoredGH.com

To see an artist grow in their art form is beautiful, and it isn’t any different for KooKusi. Greetings From Abroad epitomizes that as the tape delves into themes regarding the pursuit of success in the western world, the new reality it encapsulates, and the seemingly invisible struggles that immigrants go through. He hinted at all this a year ago when he dropped a freestyle titled No Where Cool.

Stream: Greetings From Abroad https://linktr.ee/greetingsfromabroad

KooKusi’s ‘Greetings From Abroad’ Out Now!, UncensoredGH.com

In early 2023, after his electric feature with Paapa Versa, No Where Cool dropped as the official lead single, paving the way for Greetings From Abroad. That single left fans and audiences patiently waiting for the tape’s release, and today it’s out.

The project comes together nicely, with features from the talented AratheJay, RBD, Victor Morgan, Michael Adjaloo, Li Diaw, and Muyra Hub Studio.


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