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Kennedy Agyapong outlines his visions if elected President

Kennedy Agyapong outlines his visions if elected President, UncensoredGH.com

Member of Parliament for the NPP, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, has shared his vision and mission for the country if elected President of the Republic of Ghana.

The controversial parliamentarian noted that his major focus will be the creation of jobs to curb the youth unemployment issue.

He added that he will not take monthly salary as a President but, rather, use it to establish a scholarship scheme for brilliant but needy students who need the best education they deserve.

“I won’t take salary or perks; any monetary benefit that should be given to me will be used as scholarships to educate the youth who are from poor backgrounds.

“Respectfully even the ‘chop money’ that I give in the house, if I decide to rely on the government salary then I can’t give my wife ‘chop money’ again. I will use the profits from my companies to take care of myself. If Ghanaians will give me either 4 or 8 years as the President, I won’t touch any monies from the state.”

Ken said he will follow the steps of President Akufo-Addo and enhance Ghana’s tourism to attract more investment.

“When I become the President of Ghana, I will use tourism to develop Ghana. President Akufo-Addo has done very well with his 1 District 1 Factory as well as the Free SHS,” Kennedy Agyapong said.

He praised President Akufo-Addo for the significant improvement in Ghana’s educational sector.

“Look at the graduates coming up, they need jobs and I can tell you gold, cocoa, all minerals put together; if you develop your tourist sites, it promotes the tourism of the country. There is no way that all that the mineral resources have can be compared to what is in the tourism sector but we have overlooked tourism for so long that I think that, this is the time.

“When Ghanaians give me the opportunity, this is a dream that I have and with discipline, we shall all wake up, and work hard [we can achieve it]. I will enforce discipline in my administration. I will introduce the ‘clock system’ so that every government worker that goes to work can be able to ‘clock’ to indicate the time of reporting and vice versa. Time is money and we waste a lot of time in Ghana doing so many things that are unnecessary.” Ken continued

Ken declared his aspiration to contest for Presidency on the tickets of the New Patriotic Party come 2024.

He praised himself as the best person to ‘break the eight’ if the incumbent NPP government is to maintain power.

The Assin Central representative said within his first 100 days in office, he will change the mentality of Ghanaians if he wins the primaries and subsequently the general elections.

“If you give me the chance within 100 days, I will change the mindset of the people; we have to get a positive mindset to develop this country and we can do it.” Agyapong stressed.

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