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Jeune Lio And Magasco Team Up For A Spicy Love Tale ‘Love In Transition’

Jeune Lio And Magasco Team Up For A Spicy Love Tale ‘Love In Transition’, UncensoredGH.com

Love is a trivial matter that continues to evolve with the people around you. At times you find yourself in a conundrum where you love two parties at once. Jeune Lio and Magasco understand all this as they put it out in their collaborative EP ‘Love In Transition.’ While still attached to the emotions of your previous relationship, the duo take us through the pensive journey of finding yourself in another relationship.

Set to drop on 8th December, the intense feeling of being in love puts you in a dire situation of doing anything you want for your partner even if it means putting your life on the line. What happens when all that crashes down and you are left with the feeling of void in your life? The acclaimed EP takes you through the whole process of love, from losing your partner dealing with the loss and overcoming the feeling when meeting a new love. In “Lady” the upbeat percussion and saxophone serenade your soul as the duo remind you the feeling of admitting love to your crush while”Strawberry” shows an intimate side when you get past the platonic feelings and share your first kiss and falling head over heels for your love.The intensity of the production and melodic composition display the purity and compulsion of being in love with no care in the world. Featuring the sultry vocals of fellow countrywoman Iguocho it expresses confessions of desire, attraction and romance. Just like not all things are eternal, so is love and “Njoka” brings you to terms of hesitation between your past love and present love. The confusion of wanting what you have but still lusting and reminiscing over what you had in the past is perfectly embroiled in the last song of the EP.

The EP draws inspiration off the various emotions experienced through love and relationships: hopeless romanticisation of love, joys and tragic ending of love while still parallelly preparing you for new love.

Listen to ‘Love In Transition’ : https://cncdistro.ffm.to/loveintransition

About Jeune Lio

DJ, Cameroonian creative and artistic director, based successively in Paris, Dakar, and now Abidjan, Jeune Lio is co-founder of the Bain de Foule collective, which produces La Sunday Abidjan initially was an evening with friends every Sunday.

Today, La Sunday is an event and one of the most prominent festivals in French-speaking Africa, the symbol of a cosmopolitan, connected, creative generation with an international vision. An advertising professional, he launched into the world of DJing out of passion. He did not imagine making a profession of it, but when he arrived in Abidjan, he decided to take the plunge.

After mixing in Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and opening for Burna Boy, in 2020, Jeune Lio launched Monda life, an agency and a music label. ‘Love in transition’ comes as his body of work which was preceded by his star studded album ‘A Night In Cocody’

With Monda, he produces the artist DIANE DDD, whose EP called “Just a Sunday” released in February 2020, has made more than 100,000 streams (all platforms combined). Soon Jeune Lio plans to produce other Ivorian musical talents.

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