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I didn’t cause my Car Accident – Sbahle Mpisane reveals

I didn’t cause my Car Accident – Sbahle Mpisane reveals, UncensoredGH.com

South African media celebrity, Sbahle Mpisane has detailed how she got involved in a car accident in 2018 revealing someone was behind her car.

In an interview with YouTuber, Owamie Netshivhazwaulu, Sbahle narrated the ordeals and every details relating to her accident.

Sbahle debunked rumours that she got involved in an accident for drink-driving. She revealed a friend caused her accident.

She said the person involved approached her to confess, however refused to give a name and added that she had already forgiven the person.

“Only I know what happened but there was a situation that got me into the car accident. The car accident wasn’t because Sbahle was drinking and driving.

Someone was the cause of my car accident, that person was my friend, and I don’t want to mention their name.

The person has come forward to say that they were involved. I forgave the person because they didn’t do it intentionally. I will never bring their name up”

Following her fatal accident, fans and readers said Sbahle Mpisane would need a miracle to survive.

Though she spent weeks in a coma, Sbahle Mpisane survived and is currently working out to get back to her former life.

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