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Hilemzi Foundation to feed 500 needy children on January 7

Hilemzi Foundation to feed 500 needy children on January 7, UncensoredGH.com

“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” – Roy T. Bennett

Hilemzi Foundation is set to embark on another “Feed The Street Needy 2023”, a project which seeks to feed 500 needy children in selected localities within Ghana on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

The issue of streetism is very pathetic, to say the least. The ugly truth of some Ghanaian children who sleep on our streets, in front of shops, homes, and even in disgusting places in our environments cannot go unnoticed. Problems of rural-urban migration, broken homes, and poverty spearhead the causes of streetism in Ghana today, that’s why Hilemzi Foundation is here to support.

One of the foundation’s wishes is, no children are to be seen on the streets, hustling under the scorching sun with all the risks involved, not knowing what the outcome of the day would be.

Hilemzi Foundation believes given the right opportunity, these children who find themselves on the streets would make better choices and make a better living. With a long-term project of building a training center to house some of these street children in time to come, by making them feel wanted and important to the country.

Hilemzi Foundation believes in making the country a better place. Where else do we start, if not starving a child who has to run after cars with his merchandise just so he can afford a single meal. Although the long-term goal is to gradually reduce or eradicate streetism with support from government agencies and international bodies. The foundation wants to start by making the street children know that they matter and that they are cared for especially in the country.

This year’s edition seeks to feed over five hundred (500) children in selected localities within Ghana and also assure them of advocating for streetism to be abolished in the country. Also, to provide them with some items and interact with them, to encourage and make them feel loved.

The foundation has targeted an amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (ghc10,000.00) for this year’s project.

Hilemzi Foundation is appealing to and calling on individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporate institutions, and all Ghanaians to sponsor or partner with them to make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged ones who find themselves in such unfortunate circumstances.

To donate, kindly send your fund to this MTN mobile money number 0549752545 (Hilda Emeruwa Oluchi).

As much as GHc1 is no longer money trust me your Ghc1 is money to them and can still save a life (….it can still buy 2 sackets mineral water which when multiplied by 10 is equal to the value of a bag of mineral water) this is to say what you call little indeed still makes a mighty ocean as the saying goes.

So please donate to help Hilemzi Foundation again feed the street needy and make them believe that Matthew 6:25-34 will forever be yeah and Amen ( their maker who feeds the birds of the skies and grasses of the land without them worrying about what to eat the following day is still the same God who made a promise to them never to leave them hungry.

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