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Gingsen shares hot new single ‘No Mercy’

Gingsen shares hot new single ‘No Mercy’, UncensoredGH.com

Gingsen’s new Amapiano-infused R&B cut is finally fresh out of the door and sees him use some sensual undertones to kick our imagination into overdrive.

Stream or download ‘No Mercy’ across all major digital platforms here: https://lnk.to/GINGSEN-NoMercy

A co-production between the young, fast-rising artist and producer, Cowbowy, ‘No Mercy’ brings a rush of Amapiano to fans with sweetened vocals from Gingsen that detail an erotic episode of his in the bedroom. The result is an encounter that sees the singer rely on sensual undertones and it is a fiery one.

Gingsen shares hot new single ‘No Mercy’, UncensoredGH.com

Gingsen kicks our imagination into overdrive with his crisp voice and narration, performing in a mix of pidgin English, Hausa and Gurune (a dialect of Bolgatanga) to describe the moment figuratively as he showers praise on the endowments of his freaky partner over a racing backdrop of log drum loops.

Since dropping his succinct and well-received “Kingsen Bars, Vol.2” EP (2022) in March, Gingsen has been a revelation to many thanks to his sweeping style.

With much more quality to offer fans – like his previous release ‘Skeng’ – the Ghanaian artist is focused on branding his future releases to the global community and being a force to reckon with and there’s no stopping him.

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