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Fathers Love! Lady Du’s father publicly apologize to Her

Fathers Love! Lady Du’s father publicly apologize to Her, UncensoredGH.com

Veteran South African disc jockey, DJ Choc, has issued a public apology to his daughter, Lady Du, for thrashing her on social media.

In recent news, DJ Choc shared a video of himself slamming his daughter. His reaction was triggered by a news report that Lady Du had said she grew up poor.

Following his reaction, Lady Du clarified her statement and she was taken out of context. She noted that people are trying to sabotage her relationship with his father.

However, the Amapiano hitmaker’s father in a recent statement admitted wrong doing and regrets his rants on social media.

“I would like to sincerely apologize for the video of me discussing my daughter, Lady Du”, part of the statement read.

According to DJ Choc, the video was meant for a family member, but unfortunately landed in the wrong hands.

“Following the claims made by my daughter, I recorded the video and shared it with a family member to vent out my frustrations regarding a story supported by Lady Du about her childhood”, he said.

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