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‘Don’t date married men or you might pay dearly for it’ – Tracey Boakye

‘Don’t date married men or you might pay dearly for it’ – Tracey Boakye, UncensoredGH.com

Controversial Ghanaian actress, Tracey Boakye has issued strong warnings to women who are enticed by married men.

She advised young women to desist from dating promiscuous married men.

Speaking on United Television (UTV), Tracey Boakye said it is totally wrong for a lady to destroy the home of another.

“Don’t date married men. It’s not right for someone to get married and toil with her husband, only for you to just come in and wreck that home.”

“You can’t reap where you did not sow” the Kumawood actress said.

The Ghanaian socialite also warned that ladies who attempt to break the homes of another will suffer accordingly.

“Don’t follow any promiscuous married man, you might pay dearly for it. Look for yours and work hard. If his belief is in support of polygamy, just like the Muslims, then you can be free to marry him”.

Tracy continued and advised that ladies should abandon living flashy lifestyles and focus on building a good future.

“Look for where to lay your head before impressing people on social media. You dress to kill on social media but you’re struggling in real life.”

Meanwhile, Tracey Boakye is known to have dated a married man in 2020.

She was caught up in a drama which led to her grudge with musician, MzBel. Their misunderstanding went viral as they fought over a married man believed to be ‘Papa No’ during the intensed political year.

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