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Demmi brings a spectrum of “Émotions” on debut EP

Demmi brings a spectrum of “Émotions” on debut EP, UncensoredGH.com

Ghanaian artist, Demmi drops his debut EP “Émotions” featuring Tvylor and Kxnsh, and an accompaniment of extremely melodic lyrics that create a mental bridge to the different kinds of feelings a person goes through when going through life with a love interest: an entry point to Demmi’s mind, as making music is a very intimate process for him.

Stream or download ‘Émotions’ EP across all major digital platforms here: https://onerpm.link/demmi-emotions

Throughout the project, he straddles the line between autobiographical while drawing elements from observations in the daily lives of people around him. The project, which features six songs, came from a place of many different sentiments and experiences. This originality leads to a very confident artist who isn’t afraid to be raw, creative and unconventional – qualities the rising star prides himself in. He elevates the sound of Afrobeat and its sub-genres with fresh and well-worn thoughts that thrive on the percussive instruments offered.

Demmi brings a spectrum of “Émotions” on debut EP, UncensoredGH.com

“I have always made music that connects deeply with me, so I wanted to create a project that will connect with everyone on some level”, says the relatively new musician who is racking in new listeners one track at a time, with a consistency that has seen him amass over 10,000 streams across all streaming platforms.

Kicking off the “Émotions” with ‘It’s Yours’ – the only song to get a catchy new video upon the EP’s release, the opening song talks about how Demmi’s previous relationships with women never felt right. He was never theirs, yet the song’s reassuring mantra: “Baby, it’s yours”, paints him as the trustful and committed one in all of these relationships. ‘Another Time’ slots in right after to talk about the artist not being motivated enough to chase a love interest whose interest is low, even though he thinks he’s the best person to give. But he’s a born hustler and is focused on chasing his dreams till he goes “kolomental” – gone crazy with achieving all that he wants. But there’s a caveat; he might not be interested later.

‘Hypnotize’ sees the EP delve into Amapiano territory for its third, seemingly manifesting the hypnotic ability of women and how they use that to win a man. Just like the said abilities of a woman, so do the instrumentals and vocals pumped into this track, motivating listeners to sway their bodies in sync with the up-tempo beat. Demmi doesn’t miss out on the moment either; his vocals have the perfect base to fascinate, thanks to an electrifying production that sees Tvylor making his appearance on the cut for a pleasurable effect. ‘Supa Ekebe’ (track number four) talks about the nature of women and how a person can easily get consumed by their beauty, often resulting in an inviting mood felt throughout the song. As is customary for Demmi, he expertly blends R&B and Afrobeat, producing otherworldly melodies with a fascinating tone that makes his words linger on listeners’ lips for days.

‘Wonders’, the EP’s penultimate, talks about the divine nature of women. It expresses how women generally make men feel while making them feel confident. The music has an obvious appeal, with its numerous aspects led by sweet voices and very perceptive lyrics that result in a feel-good mood that permeates through the whole song. A catchy chorus performed by Demmi’s easy-going auto-tune melodies and the addition of Kxnsh’s guest vocals adds another layer of richness to the piece.

The final song, ‘On This Side’, closes up the whole journey with a touching song that expresses some of the feelings of our time: depression, loneliness, unhappiness, etc., and how people generally struggle to make ends meet in a poor performing economy.

Demmi hopes that his new project will reach the deepest parts of your emotions and make you feel better one way or the other. The rhythmic ideas on this “Émotions” tend to vary more, putting the artist’s versatility at the forefront while letting all of the percussive instruments on board dance around the static harmony with the vigor and courage such rhythmic embellishments can allow.

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