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Comparing Ghana’s $300 Million National Cathedral To Tyler Perry’s $250 Million Studios

Comparing Ghana’s $300 Million National Cathedral To Tyler Perry’s $250 Million Studios, UncensoredGH.com

The National Cathedral set to be built in Ghana will be a sacred grounds for religious activities as well as state inaugurations and funerals. It is estimated to cost over $300 million which has attracted several criticisms from well-meaning Ghanaians who feel that the priority of the government may have been misplaced with this project. Ghana’s National Cathedral.

Features of the National Cathedral:

The edifice was designed by the famous architect, Sir David Adjaye, who has also designed other famous buildings around the world.

The cathedral will sit on 14 acres of land adjacent to the Osu Cemetery and will accommodate a number of impressive chapels, a baptistery, a 5000-seat two-level auditorium, a grand central hall, music school, a choir rehearsal, art gallery, and shop among others.

It will also host Africa’s first Bible Museum and Documentation Centre, dedicated to Christianity and nation-building in Ghana.

Features of the Tyler Perry Studio:

Famed movie actor and producer, Tyler Perry, opened the first-ever fully black-owned film studio in America in 2019.
The studio sits on 330 acres of land that was formerly a Confederate Army base.
Tyler Perry’s studio can accommodate the studios of major movie studios including Disney, Fox, Paramount, and Sony, and still have 60 acres of land left.
The studio features 12 sound stages and several replicas of famous buildings such as the White House, street homes, business buildings, and much more.

It also has trailer parks, a hospital on set, a mock jumbo jet, an airport terminal, and many more.

So we ask what’s actually wrong with the African man?

Watch the full comparison video here https://youtu.be/13JskOVKVrw

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