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Billboard Unveils Top Categories with Highest Submissions for the 2024 Grammy Awards

Billboard Unveils Top Categories with Highest Submissions for the 2024 Grammy Awards, UncensoredGH.com

Billboard magazine has provided insights into the Grammy Awards 2024 submission process, highlighting categories with varying levels of submissions for possible nominations.

On October 11, 2023, the Recording Academy opened the second round of voting for nominations, and Billboard has reported on the distribution of submissions across the different Grammy categories.

This year, some categories have experienced a decrease in the number of submissions. One contributing factor mentioned by Billboard is the introduction of an entry fee beyond the initial five “courtesy entries” for submissions.

These developments add to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming Grammy Awards as the music industry eagerly awaits the announcement of the final list of nominees.

The rule, which, according to Billboard, was stated in the 66th Grammy Awards rules and guidelines booklet, stated, “The per-entry fee structure encourages entrants to consider the value of each entry and make mindful decisions to put forward work that they truly believe is Grammy-worthy. All professional and voting members of the Recording Academy will receive five courtesy entries every year. Any member who would feel burdened by the entry fees can request the fees be waived by reaching out to the awards department.”

Which Grammy Awards 2024 categories received the most submissions?

Here is a list of the categories with the highest number of submissions for possible nominations ahead of the Grammy Awards 2024:

Song of the year, 642

Record of the year, 615

Best music video, 592

Album of the year, 476

Best new artist, 405

Best jazz performance, 370

Best engineered album, non-classical, 350

Best instrumental composition, 340

Best rock performance, 335

Best arrangement, instruments and vocals, 314

Best alternative music performance, 301

Best American Roots song, 297

Best pop solo performance, 281

Best global music performance, 280


Which Grammy categories had the fewest submissions for nominations?

Best opera recording, 28

Best música urbana album, 37

Best gospel album, 45

Best choral performance, 49

Best large jazz ensemble album, 50

Best roots gospel album, 50

Best traditional blues album, 51

Best contemporary blues album, 51

Best spoken word poetry album, 51

Best Latin rock or alternative album, 52

Best tropical Latin album, 54

Best musical theatre album, 56

Best Latin jazz album, 57

Best classical solo vocal album, 58

Songwriter of the Year, non-classical, 58

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