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#BBTitans : Find Out Who The Housemates Are For Big Brother Titans 2023

#BBTitans : Find Out Who The Housemates Are For Big Brother Titans 2023, UncensoredGH.com

Here are the housemates for the first season of Big Brother Titans (BBTitans), a brand-new installment of the popular reality television series.

Big Brother Titans (BBTitans), a new installment that would see contestants from Nigeria and South Africa slug it out for 100,000 dollars, began today, Sunday, January 15, 2023, and fans are extremely excited about the housemates for this edition. This new installment follows the success of the Big Brother franchise in Africa.

Over 20 competitors would entertain viewers on the reality show, which would be hosted by BBNaija TV host Ebuka and BBMzansi host Lawrence Maleka, in order to win their votes to stay in the home.

Here is all the information you need to know about the BBTitan Edition housemates in response to questions regarding who these contestants are.

  • Lukay – South Africa

Lukay is a 31 year old sales executive who is self-aware, ruthlessly honest and a traditionalist. His charming smile serves as a symbol of his vitality.

Watch Lukay’s full interview below:

  • Ebubu – Nigeria

Ebubu is an actor and model from Anambra state who is open-minded and curious about both his immediate environment and the world beyond it, thanks to his vivacious attitude and street smarts. His personality is also characterized by humour, toughness, serenity, and tenacity.

Watch Ebubu’s full interview here:


  • Yaya – South Africa

Yaya is a 30 year old plus size model from South Africa who is confident about her big and bold personality. She has also hinted that she is talkative who is not scared of being vulnerable, and is also mature.

Watch Yaya’s interview here:


Jaypee – Nigeria

Jaypee is a 26 year old nurse and model who is a lover of love who never shies away from taking risks and has promised to be the life of the party in this edition of Big Brother titans.

Watch Jaypee’s full interview here:

  • Thabang – South Africa

The 21 year old savvy Thabang is a Big Brother Titans housemate who loves learning about different cultures. He opens up on his love for violins and how his mother had been the one who suggested he join the Big Brother Titans reality tv show.

Watch Thabang’s interview:


  • Marvin – Nigeria

Marvin is a chemical engineer that is single and ready to mingle in the Big Brother Titan house. The 29 year old who was born in Port Harcourt Rivers state is a fun and outgoing person that has promised to be the life of the party on the show.

Watch Marvin’s full interview here:


  • Ipeleng – South Africa

Ipeleng is an aspiring content creator who is a housemate in the BBTitan house. The 25 year old reveals that she has a passion for broadcasting and is always up for a challenge.

Watch Ipeleng’s full interview here:


  • Nana – Nigeria

The soft-spoken and beautiful Nana is a 22-year-old in the Big Brother Titan house who has revealed that she will be a troublemaker in the house that would ruffle feathers.

Watch Nana’s full interview here:

  •  Mmeli – South Africa

Mmeli is the seventh housemate in the BBTitan house; he lives in South Africa and reveals that he is a devoted bachelor that would bring the street smarts to the show.

Watch  Mmeli’s interview below:


  • Blaqboi – Nigeria

Blaqboi is the sixth housemate in the BBTitan house. the 26 year old contestant revealed that he is from Plateau Jos and enjoys outdoor activities majorly.

Watch Blaqboi’s interview here:


  • Nelisa – South Africa

Nelisa is a Big Brother Titan from South Africa who is 25 years of age, and she revealed that she would turn up and bring the drama to the show by simply being herself as she is the definition of chaos walking.

Watch Nelisa’s full interview here:


  • Olivia – Nigeria

Olivia is the fourth housemate in the Big Brother Titan house. She is an actress and a social and brand influencer that is extremely passionate and energetic. Olivia revealed that she is strictly on the show for the money and has auditioned for the Big Brother franchise three times.

Watch Olivia’s full interview here:


  • Juicy Jay – South Africa

Juicy Jay is a rugby player from South Africa who is 24 and thinks he would be a fantastic housemate in the Big Brother Titan house because of his character and the fun he would bring to the house.

Watch Juicy Jay’s full interview here:


  • Yemi Cregx – Nigeria

Yemi has promised to bring the drama by bringing and making controversial fashion to the Big Brother Titan house. Yemi is 30 years of age and is from Lagos, has worked in several different industries, and is a fun-loving team player.

Watch his full interview here:


  • Khosi – South Africa

Khosi is a 25-year-old South African journalist. She revealed that she is in the Big Brother Titan house for quick fame and the money as well. She revealed that she is an explosive combo of beauty and brains.

Watch Khosi’s interview here:

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