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Barcelona Wants To Sell Raphinha This Summer For The Following Reasons

Barcelona Wants To Sell Raphinha This Summer For The Following Reasons, UncensoredGH.com

The recent rumor out of Spain that Barcelona is planning to sell Raphinha has shocked football fans all around the world.

It appears that Raphinha and Barcelona’s recently established connection is not working well because sources claim that the Brazilian is currently for sale. Many were greatly surprised by this given the great effort the Spanish powerhouses had made to get the former Leeds United and Brazilian winger.

At the start of the 2022–2023 season, Barcelona had spent more than 55 million pounds on Raphinha during the transfer window, but the player seemed to have fallen short of expectations.

Raphinha has not been a standout for Barcelona this season, and the French star Dembele, who also plays the same position as the Brazilian, has forced Raphinha to the bench and into offers, according to reports.

Only 5 goals and 2 assists were managed by the winger for Barcelona in the 2022–2023 season. Comparing this to the 13 goals and 7 assists Demebele alone has contributed to in the 2022–2023 season, it is appalling.

Due to the new contract given to Dembele, getting game time at Barca had been a major issue when the deal was being finalized. It appears that these concerns were justified as the Spanish giants are currently looking for an alternative.


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