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It’s Finally Here After A Long Wait! Arap Uria And Peter Drury Meet In Qatar

It’s Finally Here After A Long Wait! Arap Uria And Peter Drury Meet In Qatar, UncensoredGH.com

Kenyan comedian Arap, real name Meshack Kiprop, became well-known on social media for imitating Peter Drury and other football analysts. He finally met Drury at the World Cup that is currently taking place in Qatar.

After Drury commended him for his lipsyncing effort and said he would want to meet him, the Kenyan shared a picture of himself on Friday asking to meet the famous commentator.


“Hello Peter Drury, it’s Arap Uria, I am in Qatar and I would love to meet you,” he wrote on a placard in a tweet which attracted Drury’s co-commentator Jim Belgin who offer to help him.

Arap’s dream came to a reality a few hours later he made that tweet with the help of Jim Belgin.

The comedian gained notoriety for his videos depicting Kenyan politicians lip-syncing, including President William Ruto.

However, Arap shared a video in 2018 that mimicked Drury’s commentary of the Champions League match between AS Roma and Barcelona, in which the Italian team made a stunning comeback victory over the Blaugrana.

He quickly attracted Drury’s attention once the video went viral. The commentator was to subsequently message Arap, complimenting him on his performance and calling it “terrifyingly humorous.”

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