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Afrobeat diva, Aurelia Dey shares debut album ‘Sunday Service’

Afrobeat diva, Aurelia Dey shares debut album ‘Sunday Service’, UncensoredGH.com

Fast-rising afrobeats and dancehall diva – Aurelia Dey finally drops her much anticipated album titled ‘Sunday Service’.

Stream Link: https://album.link/i/1629833838

‘Sunday Service’ is an English afrobeats and dancehall album written by herself, which she produced together with Partillo Productions, Lancelot Productions and Carl Ottosson.

Through dance, music, acting, and dialog, Aurelia Dey constantly finds new ways to express herself.

During the pandemic, Aurelia created new dancehall and afrobeats music, a newly produced concert experience as well as a newly launched web series. All under the concept of “Sunday Service”.

The album features guest musicians on guitar, violin and saxophone.

The first single “Powerbank” was released June 2020. Second single, “Rising” in February 2021. Third single “All These Neighbors” in March 2021. The fourth single “Huntress” in April 2021. Fifth single “Misfits” December 2021. “Illegal Woo” and “Misfits” got big international recognition and the latest collab with afrobeats artist Slim Prince “First Lady” hit the most.

“The message of the album is to inspire the listener and audience to connect with their inner, contribute to purpose in life, be put on a closer path towards self-love where the audience feels strengthened, healed and brave as well as inspired to keep questioning and challenging norms and stereotypes, all in pursuit towards a deeper understanding in relationship to oneself and with others,” Aurelia Dey said.

In the Sunday Service show Aurelia Dey, her dancers and live band “The Neighbors”, (ADTN) want to reach out and unite people from different life situations and class backgrounds through therapeutic content. Her songs and live shows are a blissful mix between heavy bass, decisive rap, energetic dance and spiritual soul singing. ADTN calls the audience ‘audience participants’ as there is active participation from the audience, a type of exchange and experience from both parties. ADTN conveys a sense of community, comfort, strength and belonging and the goal is for every person to feel seen. The “Sunday Service” show is contributing to reflection on anti-racism, gender equality and environmental awareness, but also openly emphasizes the theme of mental health /illness, raises thoughts about this and promotes mental health in a safe and welcoming context.

Stream on Audiomack below;

About Aurelia Dey

Aurelia Dey is a afrobeats and dancehall artist that alongside with her entertainment sheds light on mental and physical health and creates an awareness about diversity and inclusion packaged in a female identity with Ghanaian and Swedish heritage.


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