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‘A Milli’ At 14 : Fans Commemorate The 14th Anniversary Of Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’

‘A Milli’ At 14 : Fans Commemorate The 14th Anniversary Of Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’, UncensoredGH.com

You can always count on loyal fans to remember the day you dropped a song that resonates with them. That is exactly what is happening with Lil Wayne right now.

The song “A Milli” was released 14 years ago today. The so G had achieved a number of milestones, including five times platinum status, and fans still can’t get enough of it years later.

Fans adored the song, and Lil Wayne was so taken with it that he released three versions of it: the original, the remix, and the freemix. You certainly can. Below is a sample from it.

While fans commemorate the release of “A Milli,” they’re also praising the rapper as one of the finest — if not the best — in the game. However, this remark has sparked debate, with some detractors claiming that J. Cole is a superior lyricist.

Whatever the situation may be, Lil Wayne is undeniably ecstatic about the song’s popularity. There’s also no questioning his achievements to the music industry, which include introducing fans to Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Drake.

Lil Wayne, by the way, will be performing at SunFest 2022. AJR and Goo Goo Dolls are also on the bill for the festival.

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