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6-foot Shark chops off the finger of a Fisherman – See Video

6-foot Shark chops off the finger of a Fisherman – See Video, UncensoredGH.com

A fisherman from Florida has unfortunately lost a finger after his fishing turned horrific when a shark chewed off his finger.

In a trending video on TikTok which has garnered over 11 Million views, the man had this accident whiles trying to unhook the six feet shark.

The man identified as Brett Reader in another video described the attack to his viewers.

The attack was said to have occurred in Content Keys, a few miles from South Miami, whiles Brett was shark fishing.

“I’m the guy who possibly lost his finger to a lemon shark,” he said.

“We’d hooked our last shark of the day [a 6-foot lemon shark],” Reeder described. “And I needed my hook back, so I tried to get ahold of him to get my hook back and got unlucky.”

After the attack, Reeder received first aid and was airlifted to a hospital, where he received a unit of blood in the helicopter to counteract his falling blood pressure.

He was said to have immediately underwent surgery to reattach his pinky.

It remains unclear if medics were able to save his hand; however, Reeder reported that he’ll know if the operation was a success later this week.

See the video below;

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