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5 Reasons Why Men Cheat in Relationships

5 Reasons Why Men Cheat in Relationships, UncensoredGH.com

We’ve gathered a few reasons why cheating have become common and why men do cheat in relationships.

In a research, a therapist disclosed some of the ordeals women go through after find out their partner cheated on them.

She said it is not unusual for her to see men who are perplexed by their own behavior that has undermined a good or great relationship.

Here are five depressing reasons why men cheat:


Some men are immature, no other way to put it. But it’s not a character flaw; it’s probably that they don’t have much experience with monogamy. A man might see a committed relationship as a novel idea, and not fully grasp the work that’s involved.


If you’re angry with your partner, cheating can feel like a powerful revenge (and pleasant, for a bit). In this case, you’re disrespecting two women at once. You’re getting back at your partner with a woman who you don’t think so highly of. Any potential new relationship that develops from infidelity is tainted with a sketchy beginning.


Insecurity can be tied to childhood abuse, or it can arise in any man at any time. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on men in Western society to be young, handsome, rich, smart, athletic, witty, and on and on.

To prop up a sagging ego, cheating works pretty well (for a little while). It’s a way to feel desired and appreciated outside of a relationship, and it’s cheaper than buying a convertible.

Boredom/unrealistic expectations

Boredom can set in at any time, but going from bored to adulterous should be given some hard thought. Unrealistic expectations, like thinking your partner will fulfill all your desires and kinks, are a companion to boredom. The Internet and its limitless supply of pornography are somewhat to blame for this, particularly with young men.

Actual women have thoughts and feelings, and desires of their own. It’s hard to be turned on for 12 hours a day, let alone 24.

To sabotage or destroy the relationship

This is cheating as a means to an end. Instead of breaking up with your partner outright, you cheat on her and make sure she finds out. For a lot of people, men and women, this action is easier to carry out than walking out of the relationship.

In a variation on this theme, men sometimes cheat because they want to leave their current partner, but they don’t want to be alone. Having someone else waiting offstage makes it easier to leave.

In conclusion, cheating on someone you love has heartbreaking consequences.

If you think you’re in danger of hurting the one you love, reach out to your partner, or a professional, to talk about what’s working or not working in your relationship.

It can be a hard conversation, to begin with, but not as hard as telling your beloved that you’ve betrayed them.

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