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5 important signs that shows you are in a good Relationship

5 important signs that shows you are in a good Relationship, UncensoredGH.com

It’s difficult to find a good relationship in which you are completely content, yet it is possible.

Compromising, arguing, and fighting are all part of relationships. However, you know that you have truly found the relationship you deserve when the feeling of ease and comfort outweighs the other emotions.

Here are some examples from your life that demonstrate you have at last found the partner you deserve.

  • They don’t make excuses or blame you

When you are close to someone, it is easy to take your frustrations out on them. If you are in a relationship you deserve, they stop making lame excuses and do not blame you for things not going well in their life.

  • They make you a priority

It takes time and practice to make someone an equal and important part of your life. When you are in a relationship you deserve, you become each other’s priorities. When someone is essential in your life, you must know they are your priority by your actions and not just words.

  • You can openly talk about issues

All relationships have challenges and fights, but it is essential to talk about things that bother you or make you uncomfortable. You aren’t afraid of talking about them out of fear that you will upset your partner.

  • You are mindful of each other’s boundaries

It is essential to know, acknowledge, and respect each other’s boundaries from the beginning. You should be able to say no without feeling guilty and make an effort to get out of your comfort zone instead of being stubborn.

Respecting each other’s boundaries is one of the best ways to tell if they are a keeper.

  • Your priorities are important to both of you

It is not important to have the same interests and hobbies, but if one of you loves video games, you must be okay with that, and if you have spiritual beliefs, they don’t have to agree, but they cannot disregard its importance in your life.

If you can understand and accept each other, you know you are in a relationship you deserve.


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